Jenny Knight

Jenny was a student of mine at the Cheeser and took to engraving with alarming ease and confidence. She has an untrained style and works with white line on a black background. The best of her work is that that contains a narrative and that narrative is best at its most bizarre.

They’re funny, and that’s the point. They produce that kind of involuntary snorty laugh that is bad to combine with drinking a cup of tea. With the best of jokes the meaning is fugitive and trying to explain it kills the magic. So there we are, best to let the images stand and speak for themselves.

Jenny is joining the Black Pig stable and we will continue to represent her even though she is sadly moving to Cornwall; sad that is for Frome. Good luck Jenny.


Terry Pinto

Terry and Paula came around last night to choose a print. It was payment for Terry’s help as an architect in presenting a case for the design of the studio with Mendip District Council. The case was won with his help and twenty-six letters from supporters of the studio. It was an amazing act of kindness from everyone and we won our case. If we hadn’t had the studio would have been financially ruined. A massive thanks to all those who helped, come and raise a glass at the Wayzgoose on the 4th of November 6-8pm.